The summer is passing by and I have decided to go for a small motorcycle trip. After some planning it ended up being slighlty bigger than I expected. Here I provide brief description of the route.

I will be glad to meet local riders and not only. Let me know if you would like to ride with me a chunk of the road, join me visiting one of the attraction points, or just grab a coffee at a local cafe. Any suggestions regarding what to visit and where to ride through are welcome.

The route I drive through and the places I visit may change due to weather, road conditions, people I meet, or just because of my mood.

2018.07.26: Stockholm - Kalmar

2018.07.28: Kalmar - Malmö

2018.07.30: Malmö - Göteborg

2018.08.03: Göteborg - Karlskoga

2018.08.04: Karlskoga - Stockholm

  • Örebro
    • Örebro Castle
  • Västerås
  • Stockholm